Racing in Cork

29 Nov

The 1st annual Great Railway Run was my first race outside of Canada/US. You could run the whole 25km, 10km, or run the 25 as a team. My friend Anne and I ran it as a team- I ran the first 15km.
I showed up at 11:00am, an hour before the race was starting, to pick up my bib. I met up with a woman named Robyn who was also traveling and we attempted to find the start line together, which was supposed to be just around the corner. After walking for awhile without finding anything we turned around to go back and ask for directions again. That’s when we found it. The start line was just starting to be set up with 15 minutes until race time. At 6 minutes to start time the guy showed up to set up the race timing mat. Still, the race started only 1 minute late. I think there were about 200-300 runners, and only 7 relay teams.
The route was really pretty. Just running through the town was interesting, and then we passed a castle!  The one of me running by it didn’t show up, but here are some guys running by:

I had no way to measure my pace, but I think I finished the first 10km in about 49 minutes and started to feel pretty tired (I was still jet lagged after all, and had spent 3 days in Irish pubs). My final time was somewhere between 77 and 78 minutes. My official time says 73 but since I was kinda timing it with my watch I know that’s not true. My friend finished her 10km in 56 minutes and 39 seconds. Or something like that.
Afterwards everyone had soup, sandwiches, and cookies in the community hall.


Anne at the finish line!


That night we celebrated by going to the HI-B Bar, which is one of the smallest in Cork. I wish Edmonton had a pub like this.



We celebrated with a lot of red wine..20121129-152932.jpg

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