29 Nov

Day 1:

Anne and I arrived in London at around 10:30am. After dropping off our bags we headed to the Household Cavalry to watch the changing if the guards. On the way we saw the London Eye and Westminster Abby, which were just a 5 minute walk from our hostel (The Walrus). Afterwards we walked down the Mall to Buckingham Palace- the flag was up, which means the Queen was there!

After lunch we decided to start our pub crawl of some of the oldest pubs in London. We started at The Old Wine Shades. Next was The Jamaican Wine House.  This bar was filled with men in business suits and we felt very out of place.

Next was ye old cock, followed by ye old Cheshire cheese, where we met up with another friend. By around 7:30 we decided some dinner might be a good idea and we headed to the oldest wine and cheese bar in London. It’s in a cellar.

Day 2:

Before Anne had to fly back to Cork we walked along the south bank and found a place to have breakfast.  After she left I set out for Camden market, where I wandered around for a few hours. Next I went to Harrods, even though I knew I couldn’t afford anything… I just wanted to look at it.  Inside and out it’s a very spectacular department store.

Before heading back to the hostel I stopped at the National History Museum.  There was an exhibit on Volcanos, which was pretty cool, and also a bunch of stuffed birds, marine fossils, and “creepy crawlies” (spiders, insects, crabs, etc.).  I love how all the museums look like castles.


That night one of my favourite bands, Elliott BROOD, was playing at a small pub on the East side of London.  There were about 40-50 people there- much smaller than if they were playing here in Edmonton.  It was a great show, but being there alone was a bit lame.

Day 3:

I started my final day in London with a 12km(ish) run along the south and north bank of the Thames river.
My shin was hurting as it mysteriously does sometimes and proceeded to hurt for the rest of the day. This meant I spent the day walking around London with a slight limp. I spent about 3 hours at the Tower of London. It was so awesome to see the Crown Jewels, and also in some of the rooms you could see where prisoners had carved things into the walls, back in the 1200-1500’s. CREEPY!  I could have spent another hour or two there but I was getting hungry and my leg hurt so I wanted to go sit down.


I left and walked across Tower Bridge to London Bridge and the Borough Market, where I ate delicious pumpkin pasta.

Next I went to the National Portrait Gallery and the National Gallery. I enjoy walking through a gallery listening to my own music.  After the gallery closed I wandered the streets and found myself in some giant shopping area in covent garden. It sucks being poor.
I then took myself out to dinner and spent the last of my money on riding the London Eye before heading back to the hostel for the night.


There is still so much I’d like to do in London….

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