Phoenix- day 2

5 Nov

Today we set out to find this place called Melrose district or something, which was listed in a magazine as a hip place to shop. Streets here are set up all wrong, with avenues and streets running parallel to each other. Sooo we ended up walking for about an hour in the 31 degree heat down some road. After running a half marathon one hour earlier, my legs were hurting and I was really dehydrated. My body does not like the desert. Finally we realized where we should be and proceeded to walk for another hour down a street lines with mainly antique stores and a few vintage stores…. Most of which were closed. What’s up with Phoenix and its antique/vintage stores ?
By this point all I wanted to do was lay down in the shade and maybe puke.
We decided to head to a restaurant called aside of heart cafe. It was listed as one of the best vegan places around. We walked into what looked like somebody’s kitchen, and saw a girl cooking something on the stove. She told us to have a seat and brought us some water. Then she told us our plates would be right out. Sister and I were very confused, but a few minutes later we were brought plates of breakfast potatoes, tofu scramble, biscuits and gravy, and pancakes!



There was also quiche but we were so full after these plates we didn’t want it. We sat there for awhile being very confused about this restaurant as nobody explained why we were just given plates of food. Finally, after we figured out where to pay the bill, the woman told us that every Saturday and Sunday there was brunch and you just get whatever they cook that day. The food was awesome and I’d totally recommend it to anyone going to Phoenix. However, it woulda been nice if somebody explained how the brunch thing worked when we arrived.

One of the most exciting things about today (besides Eddie, of course) was finding these things:

I had read about these Halloween peeps and pumpkin kisses in other blogs but I don’t think they exist in Alberta.
Other random photos from todays journey:



I think some loser in a plane forgot to write ‘sucks’ after the Romney. Hah.

The main event of the night was seeing Eddie Vedder at the Comerica Theatre. I bought my tickets through the Ten Club, which is the Pearl Jam fan club. Our seats were row 30 in the main bowl. Kinda far back, but could have been worse. Words cannot describe how amazing and emotional it was. If you haven’t listened to Eddies ukulele songs album- do it. Especially if you have a broken heart.

I know you can’t really see it, but I promise that blurry person is Eddie.

Who is your favourite singer?
Have you ever had biscuits and gravy?
– I never had until today. I don’t think we have that at restaurants in Canada.

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