Eating in Phoenix.

5 Nov

Today, like every day here in Phoenix, we walked around for hours looking for stuff to do/see. Mostly we ate a lot. I feel like a fatty.
Here is my day of food:

Breakfast burrito at Breakfast Club, a restaurant in downtown Phoenix.

Sangria with lunch at some mexican place at the Biltmore (?) shops. We were feeling crappy and thought a drink would help.

We felt that we couldn’t leave Phoenix without having tacos.

And froyo. There were so many great flavours and toppings! I had oatmeal cookie, coconut, and tart. Tart will always be my fav. But they had toppings like whole little donuts and cake things. And brownies! And candy corn- which I had, of course. I also had a bit of Reese peanut butter topping and Nutella.
After an unsuccessful shopping trip to Macy’s and Nordstrom Rack, we found a Trader Joes! I read about this place on other blogs so I was excited to find one. I found chocolate coconut flavoured Luna bars, which aren’t in Alberta for some stupid reason.
Then, to escape the heat, we went to see paranormal activity 4 so we could sit in an air conditioned theatre. I think it’s time for them to stop making those movies.

We had just enough time to eat giant scones before we had to leave for the airport.
I’ll miss you, Phoenix!


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