Hello Phoenix!

3 Nov

i don’t recommend getting drunk before a very early 4 hour flight. It might just be my worst decision on the month.

Sis and I arrived at the airport at 445am running on 1.5 hours of sleep. After an hour of standing in random lines, we were finally boarding a plane for Phoenix with disgusting breakfast sandwiches from “chilis to go”. The English muffin tasted like sponge and the cheese was neon orange. To be fair, I could only stomach opening it an hour and a half after I bought it. However, I did have the most delicious bottle of chocolate milk of my life.

Upon arrival in Phoenix my plan was to nap for a few hours and then head to the gym before hitting the hot hot streets for some sightseeing and shopping. Instead, we went for lunch and discovered there is a race taking place just outside our hotel tomorrow.
Our hotel is really old and cute. It used to be a school and it smells like church camp.




I have decided to sign up to run this half marathon tomorrow! It starts at 7am, which is good because it's sooo hot I wouldn't want to run much later.


I chose a salad for lunch because afterwards we went to this old fashion soda shop to get malts. I think it was a mistake.

Then we walked around Phoenix for a few hours.



While we were walking back to our hotel we found a pie tasting festival! How can you say no to that? There were a bunch of local chefs, each one with a different pies. It took place in a park and there was guy singing and a local food truck and truck farm (a garden in the back of a truck).

Now we’re gunna go hang in the pool for a bit before we put on our fancy dresses and go for drinks!

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