Fig topped goat cheese….

2 Nov

Today’s workouts:

Most of JM trouble zones (am)
Ran stairs/hills (pm)

Today started off healthy with my usual breakfast of apple slices and a banana…. with some cinnamon and stevia of course.

Then we had lab meeting.  Where my boss brought in a bag of chocolates AND my coworker made these delicious chocolate covered katie healthy mounds bars:

SO I proceeded to eat about 3 of them, plus a Scream Egg.  UGH.

After lab meeting I had to run downtown to pick up my passport (and my sisters passport).

When I got home from work, instead of cleaning my condo like a responsible adult I decided a run sounded like more fun, so I hit the stairs and hills across the street from my place for maximum calorie burn.



20 minutes after my run it was time to drop off my foster dog and head to a local pub to meet my running friend for drinks.  I didn’t have time to wash my hair but when the only man in my bed is my dog Sam, and my foster dog Maggie, it doesn’t really matter.



I’m really gunna miss puppy cuddles for the next 3 weeks!

Now, again because I’m so responsible, I will drink wine with friends and go to another Halloween party.   Then somehow get to the airport for 5am.


P.S.  Fig topped goat cheese is THE BEST



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