Passport troubles

1 Nov

Todays workouts:
JM trouble zones (am)
10km run (pm)

Last night I decided to pack for my trip to the UK since I leave for Phoenix on Saturday and won’t have a lot of time to pack when I get home.   I bought this pack at MEC:

It’s a 40L duffle bag/backpack.  My goal was to just take this plus a purse for my 3 week trip.  I fit all this stuff:
-3 pairs jeans
-2 pairs running tights
-3 running tanks
-1 long sleeve running shirt
-1 running jacket
-2 cardigans
-8 pairs socks
-8 pairs (although they really aren’t pairs) underwear
-3 bras
-2 sports bras
-3 dresses
-5 shirts
-5 tank tops
-2 pairs flats
-1 pair running shoes

That seems like a lot for that little bag.  I used the packing technique found here.
Basically you put shoes around the edges, then put jeans on bottom, and roll everything else.  Now I just need a purse big enough to fit my toiletries and iPad…..

After I packed I thought to myself “I should probably get my passport out since I’m leaving early on Saturday morning”.  And that’s when I realized it wasn’t where I thought it was.  After 2 hours of searching everywhere in my 600 square foot condo, I realized I probably wasn’t going to find it.  THEN after reading online that I would need to fill out the long passport application instead of the renewal application, I realized I didn’t have my birth certificate and my mom was on vacation (i.e. not at home to possibly find/send me my birth certificate).  EFFF.    I texted my sis to tell her my predicament and turns out she couldn’t find her passport anywhere either! AND also didn’t have her birth certificate.

We spent all morning/afternoon filling out our passport applications and declaration forms, getting pictures taken, etc.  Five hours and a few tears later I finally have reassurance that I will NOT have to cancel my trip and I will have a temporary (2 year) passport by Friday at 2pm.  Phew!

After a stressful day I had a 10km run with Mr. Ex (who you may remember from one of my first posts) to look forward to.  It’s nice talking to him these days since I don’t really feel like crying afterwards anymore. Success!  It was an easy pace, with 2 pretty long hills thrown in.


OH.. I almost forgot it’s real halloween today!  HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

Lab pumpkin… we work with a group of bacteria that infects cystic fibrosis patients… its also commonly found in the rhizosphere. So we made lungs, and plant roots.  I had to miss the Halloween party today to spend hours getting passport photos and at the passport office so I don’t have a picture of the finished product.


What are you being for halloween?
Do you carve pumpkins every year?





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