It’s happening……

25 Oct


It’s that time again.  When I start wondering why I ever claim to like winter running.  It snowed a bit on Saturday morning, just enough to wear a winter running shirt and tights.  It’s strange that I only wear an extra layer or 2 once it’s like 20 degrees colder.

Okay so this picture was taken last year when it was -25oC.  Not quite that cold yet, but soooon.  I love how silly everybody looks with their snowy eyelashes/eyebrows/beards.

I meant to write a post on the weekend, but my friend Andrew was visiting from Calgary so I had to spend all my time showing him my favourite Edmonton places:
1. For brunch/lunch: Mill Creek Cafe.  I’m a big fan of soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.  They have the best.
2. For beers: Empress Ale House.  Good atmosphere.  Good patio.
3. For beers AND food: The Next Act.  Second favourite grilled cheese in the city.  Plus their veggie burger is actually REALLY good.

My most favourite thing about Edmonton might be the running trails…but it was cold and Andrew probably didn’t wanna go on a 17-20km run just so I could show him my favourite trails.

Some other things I’m really loving these days:  Pumpkin and Oktoberfest beers, pubs serving soft pretzels, going to bed at 8pm, blueberry banana smoothies, and breaking the rules and letting my foster dog, Maggie, sleep in bed with me.  Sleeping with a dog on either side of me is the greatest way to keep warm….. well maybe ONE of the greatest.

My right achilles has been pretty tight recently, and after running 16km on Saturday and 12km on Sunday, it has decided I need a running break.  That means my weeks workouts will look something like this:
Monday- P90X chest shoulders and triceps
Tuesday- spin am and pm
Wednesday- Jillian and spin
Thursday- spin am and pm
Friday- weight lifting class and spin
Saturday- attempt a 16km run!
Sunday- rest

If I write it in this blog then I have to do it.  I had an awesome spin class yesterday evening.  Instructing the class was a girl who was in my very first marathon training clinic at the running room!  I guess she teaches spin at my gym now.

Next up on the race list: The Great Railway Run.  It’s on November 11th, in Cork!  It’s a 25km race, or a 15 and 10 relay.  I’m staying with a friend there so we decided to sign up for the relay.  My first run outside Canada/U.S.   Good thing the race is at the beginning of my trip- I’m looking forward to visiting all of the cute Irish pubs!


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