Edmonton Fall Classic

19 Oct

On Sunday my sister and I ran the Edmonton Fall Classic 10 mile race. My goal was 1 hour and 20 minutes, because that’s about a 5 min/km pace. I didn’t really think I could do it, but somehow I managed to finish with a clock time of 1 hour and 21 minutes and 1 second, so really it was just under 1:21! It was hard, as was evident by my horrible race photos.  I was 60th out of 238…. no so bad.

It was about 5oC at the start, so I contemplated wearing a jacket over my long sleeve shirt… glad I decided against it in the end.  They (as in running magazines) always tell you to dress for about 20 degrees warmer… I’m not sure about 20, but maybe 5 or 10.  And it wasn’t warm enough to need a lot of water (although it IS important to hydrate, I just tend to not drink much when it’s colder). I started off at just under a 5 min/km pace and because I’m about 10 pounds over my ideal weight right now, it felt pretty hard. I managed to keep it under a 5 min/km pace until about 11 or 12m. After that my legs just kinda stopped going fast  and I needed to take a couple walk breaks, which resulted in my slower finish. The route was an 8 km loop that we ran twice, so I got to run by my sister a couple times, which gave me something to look forward to anyway.  And it meant passing by the water/gatorade station like 3 times.

Horrible race photo- finish line. Looks like I was really pushing hard to finish… hah.

Oh Hey Megs!  I like this photo of my sis because it looks like she’s far ahead of a large group of people running.





As with most Edmonton races, there was  pancake breakfast at the end.  We also got half a banana, yogurt, and an orange slice.


After the race a few friends and I went to my sisters place to carve pumpkins. We had veggies and pumpkin hummus, and I made these delicious ooey gooey pumpkin blondies.  I found the recipe on Lauren’s Latest blog.  The may have been the most delicious cookie/dessert I have ever tasted.  They have egg and heavy cream in them so they’re not vegan, but I’m tempted to try to make a vegan version of them with egg replacer and coconut milk.








20121019-024909.jpgMaggie, my current foster dog, wanted to eat all the insides of the pumpkin.


What is your favourite pumpkin dessert?
Do you have any race photos that are actually nice?


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