Fit for life?

11 Oct

Yesterdays workouts:

JM no more trouble zones (am)
8 Hills (noon-ish)
Personal Training with Robert 

I’ve been reading this old school book, Fit for Life.  From what I can tell so far, it basically tells you how to eat properly to get your body to digest everything properly.  It also says you shouldn’t eat meat, and that dairy is also bad.   These are the main rules:

1. Eat fresh fruit juice or fresh fruit from the time you wake up until noon because it’s best to have it on an empty stomach.
2. Wait 20-30 minutes before eating lunch after the last piece of fruit you eat, and wait 3 hours (a lot longer if you’ve eaten meat) before you have more fruit if you’ve eaten something else.
3. Don’t combine protein with carbohydrates in a meal

So there ya go.  Easy? I might try it out for awhile.  I started today by eating 2 small apples and an orange after my morning workout, and I felt pretty full.  Apparently after a few days of eating this way you’re body starts to be detoxified.  I’m a bit skeptical, but a lady I ran with once claimed it really worked for her.  It also has a lot of good reviews on amazon, so it’s worth a shot.   I think it will probably involve getting to the grocery store a lot if I’m going to be eating 50 apples a day.
I took a banana blueberry smoothie to work for a 10:30am snack (I added chia to give it a better consistency because I used water instead of milk… I’m not sure where that fits in), and for lunch I made a properly combined salad (at least I think it was).  Coffee also isn’t allowed if you wanna be FIT FOR LIFE, but I’m not sure that’s really something I’m willing to give up. Even for a few weeks.

I went on a couple dates with this personal trainer/spin instructor from the gym I go to, and occasionally he gives me free personal training sessions when things are slow at the gym.  Thats legit, right?  Anyway I’m not going to turn down free PT.  That sh*t’s expensive!  So yesterday he showed me all the exercises I should do to get strong enough to do a chin up and pull up.  It was little awkward at one point he had to lift me up to hold on to the chin up bars because I couldn’t jump and pull myself up.

SOOO as it’s October in Alberta, yesterday it was snowing!

I miss my fall runs already!  It’s supposed to be back up to 13oC this weekend so at least no snow for the Fall Classic 10 miler.

Anyone have experience with the Fit for Life lifestyle?
What’s your favourite running season?

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