I’m a biker

4 Oct

Today’s workout:

JM Ripped in 30 (am)
9 Hills (pm)

This morning was, thankfully, less eventful than yesterday’s doggie disasters.  When I got Maggie, she had kidney stones, which probably explains why she pees so much and can’t hold it (or at least seems to not be able to).  So this morning I was supposed to make her pee on the floor, suck some up with a syringe, and put it in a tube to get to the vet within 4 hours.   Well, instead she peed on the carpet in my room, and I wasn’t able to get any.  I guess I’ll have to try again tomorrow.

I already got the idea from Hungry Runner Girl to wear my gym clothes to bed so I don’t need to change in the morning and therefore am more likely to get up and exercise.  Today I knew I had to run hills after work, and so I thought I would take it to the next level and wear my running clothes to work… so all day I could be excited to run hills.  I wore my Vancouver race shirt with jeans so it’s a little more acceptable than running tights.  I really hope my next job will have such a causal dress policy!

So that’s my tip of the day.  Wear gym clothes to work to stay motivated to workout afterwards.  If your job doesn’t allow it, maybe you could just wear a workout tank top underneath whatever dressier clothes you’re wearing?  Seems like if you’re already wearing at least partial workout clothes you’re probably 67% more likely to actually do it.


I’ve been making the Vega energizing smoothies for breakfast every morning this week.  The vanilla almond flavour tastes real good. Especially if you blend it with exactly 2/3rds of a frozen banana.  One serving has 10g of protein and lots of other good nutrients.  Seems to keep me full for a few hours anyway.  I’ve heard the other flavours are kinda gross.


I felt pretty good running hills today, and I ran 9 of em in under 5 minutes per hill, which is good for me.  You know that awesome feeling you have after doing a really hard workout?  well I love it.  And even though the main reason I run is NOT to burn calories (it’s because I really do love it), it’s a bit sad to look down at your Garmin and see the amount of calories burned are much less than expected.
Really only 328 calories after a really hard hill workout?  Afterwards I put on my new leather jacket and biked home.  I thought it was pretty funny that I was wearing a leather jacket and bicycling home… no?

P.S. I have a confession to make-  I had pumpkin pie froyo again today at lunch…It’s just sooo good! I didn’t take a picture because it looked pretty much exactly the same as last nights, except I had no chocolate chips, and added 3 peach rings instead of 1.

One Response to “I’m a biker”

  1. Megan October 25, 2012 at 2:43 pm #

    I quite enjoy the photo of you as a badass biker.

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