Life is better with mountains

3 Oct

I bought a Groupon a few weeks ago for a 3 night stay in a hotel in Canmore.  I decided to use it this past weekend because it’d probably be the last weekend I could get there before the snow starts.  The place was CopperStone Resort, and our “room” was bigger than my condo! There was a full kitchen and 2 bedrooms upstairs. PLUS a fireplace and an outdoor hot tub.  Of course I forgot to take pictures of any of this, but trust me- it was amazing.

My friend Bert (the only person I can convince to come to Canmore with me and do 4 hikes in 3 days) and I arrived Thursday night and got up early on Friday to attempt 2 scrambles: Yamnuska and Ha Ling.

Yamnuska took us 3 hours and 20 minutes.  It was a very fun and easy scramble that I would do again.  It started off with a pretty steep hike through some trees, and the changing leaves, of course, made it soooo much better!  Then we traversed across the top(ish) of the mountain and went down the opposite side.  I wore my trail running shoes with gators and those little things work great for keeping rocks out.   I have very weak ankles though, and for scrambles I think I need to stick with my hiking boots from now on.


on the way to the summit

Me with the summit cairn

Bert starting to feel a bit ill on Ha Ling, but we trudged on with the dogs anyway.  In the end I had to leave him to run up to the summit with the dogs.  Even though we were moving slow for the seconds scramble of the day (although I wouldn’t really call Ha Ling a scramble- it’s more of a hike), we finished it in 3 hours.

Sam and Maggie on Ha Ling


nearing the top

Maggie on Ha Ling

Saturday we attempted Mount Fable,  an hour and a half detour because we missed the turn off point (note to self- read Alan Kane instructions more carefully), and forgetting to bring the lunch I packed prevented us from making it to the top of the mountain.  Still ended up being an 8 hour hike, but I was grumpy/starving and I swore I would never attempt to climb that mountain again….but we’ll have to go back next summer to make it to the summit.   It wasn’t the best scramble ever… it involved an hour of walking in through a creek, and then up a drainage for more hours until you reach the base of the mountain.   However, there’s an option to traverse over to another peak and get down a different way that wouldn’t involve hours of walking down a creek.  If you have 11+ hours of daylight/energy, I’d say that’s the way to go.

Mount Fable… so far away!

slowly approaching the mountain

It was prettier walking back because we had a good view of all the other mountains.
We were too tired and hungry to even use the hot tub after our long hike- we showered and set off for FOOD in Canmore.  We went to a restaurant called The Wood and shared a bottle of wine (by share I mean I drank 3/4 of a bottle of wine and Bert had a bit) which helped with the mediocracy of the food.

Sunday hiked Cory Pass–   It was not very difficult, but it was very pretty.  At least, the part where we weren’t walking through a forest for an hour.  I do enjoy forest walks, but I was getting tired of the forest scenery by the end.  The dogs really enjoyed this hike as well.  I wanna go back next year and run it since it’s only 13km and the trail isn’t too steep for long.

Ever since the Sinister 7 back in July I’ve been thinking about all the hikes I want to do as trail runs.  I NEED to move to the mountains!








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