Runner’s High

17 Sep

I woke up to Maggie crying in her crate yesterday morning an hour before my alarm was to go off, but I’m glad I did because I do enjoy taking the dogs for a walk around the ledge grounds early in the morning, before too many people are around.

Then, I met my friend Kate and one of her friends at 9:30am for a long run.  It was my first long run since the half marathon, and it felt really good.  We ran at about a 5:45/km pace (I forgot to charge my Garmin so I didn’t have it with me) with walk breaks, so much faster than I’ve been doing my long runs lately.  It was a great day for running. The leaves are starting to change colours, it was the perfect temperature, and we had good girl talk the whole time.
After the run I met my friend Robin at the outdoor farmers market, where I bought some london fog flavoured vegan cookies  (SOO GOOD) and tried out a new cafe called Fruit Cafe for some coffee.   Walking around the farmers market on a sunny day smelling kettle corn, people watching, and listening to buskers is probably one of the best things to do after a great run.  Or just in general.  Long runs on a Saturday morning always put me in such a great mood.  I love a good runners high! HOWEVER, does anyone ever experience what I call a “running hangover”?  I feel great during and right after a run but occasionally a few hours after a long run I feel tired, dehydrated, and my body aches.  It doesn’t always happen, and it obviously means I’m not drinking enough water, but when it does I just feel like laying on the couch all day and watching Netflix.  Anyway that’s how I felt yesterday.  It probably didn’t help that I went to hot yin yoga just a few hours after finishing the long run.
Last night was a kind of back to school keg party for microbiology students/post docs, but some non micro friends were there as well.  It was a lot of fun, but I’m pretty lazy today and glad I did my long run yesterday so I can be okay with having a rest day today.
The first part of my day was spent on the couch with these guys:


Yeah I force my dogs to wear matching pjs sometimes… so what?
The second half of my day was spent on a patio with my friend Robin where I ate a disgusting veggie burger and tried to make myself drink a spicy caesar… I just don’t understand why people like to drink sometime that tastes like cold soup. YUCK.

Now its past 7pm so I can pack a lunch for tomorrow and go to bed!  Aren’t Sundays great?


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