Puppies and Mountains

14 Sep

Todays workout:
TKO class at the gym
4x800m speed intervals on treadmill


On Thursday mornings there is my favourite class at the World Health Club.  It’s called TKO and basically there are a bunch of different stations where we do different exercises, like squats with a medicine ball, jumping up on stacks of steps, squats, etc.  The class starts off with 15 minutes of running, followed by random cardio exercises (jumping jacks, high knees, jumping, butt kicks), and then the intervals, and a short ab workout at the end.  It goes by so fast!
Last weekend my friend and I headed to the mountains with my dog Sam, and my current foster dog, Maggie.  A few months ago I started fostering dogs for Rescue For Life, a no-kill dog and cat rescue group here in Edmonton (and surrounding areas).
My first dog was Vinnie.  He was with me for over a month and I really fell in love with him.  I guess that’s the problem with fostering dogs.  He got adopted a few weeks ago, which is probably for the best since he was getting a little too big for my condo.

Sam, Me, and Vinnie in Jasper, AB

The second dog I had for just a few days before she was adopted so I didn’t get too attached.  Now there’s Maggie.  She’s such a cutie and will probably get adopted pretty soon.  Her and Sam had a lot of fun wandering around Grotto Canyon in Canmore.

In my last post I had said I was going to do the Big Sister scramble in Canmore.  Well, I didn’t do it that weekend because my friend got too scared… I guess you shouldn’t climb mountains if you have a fear of heights, right?
Anyway, I went back the following weekend to conquer the Big Sis.  It’s the tallest of the 3, obviously… the peak on the right.

The Alan Kane book said it should take 5-8 hours.  We assumed it would take us about 5 hours, since we were on target for the lowest time on our last few scrambles.  Not this one though… it took us 7 hours to complete.  3 hours of walking down a steep mountain is a killer quad workout.  My legs were shaking so bad by the end!  I might try my quad compression sleeves next time.

I’m just finishing week 2 of the Soldiers of Fitness bootcamp.  So far I really like it.  Getting up at 5am really isn’t as bad as I thought, and it’s nice to workout and watch the sun rise.  It really focuses on team work, which I surprisingly like.  One class the made us carrying sandbags while running up a hill, and wear a weighted vest while running up stairs.  It makes me think I should probably get a weighted vest for some of my hill/stair days.
I have to get back into doing longer runs. I feel like all I’m doing these days are short runs since I’m not signed up for any upcoming races.  Luckily it’s not very hot these days so it’s perfect for running! Sunny and cool.

Does anyone know where you can buy weighted vests?
Do you get up early to workout? How do you motivate yourself ?

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