Summer Races

30 Aug

I have no excuse for my lack of posts over the summer… I’ve been lazy.

My last post talked about how scared I was to run my leg of the sinister 7 race.  Turns out it wasn’t sooo bad.  I finished before my time goal of 4 hrs (3:53ish) but it was a lot steeper than I expected.  I felt like most of my time was spent walking, but my heart rate was way higher than during a normal race.  It was about 30 degrees celsius and I drank 3L of water.  I remember looking at my Garmin and realizing it took me almost an hour to run the first 6 km and I felt like crying.

My friends met me along the trail.  Afterwards they told me they saw a grizzly bear just off the trail I was running.  Fortunately I didn’t see it and it left me alone.
BUT the scenery was beautiful and trail running is waaay more fun than normal racing.  You have to jump and climb over stuff and you get covered in mud, and you don’t have to feel bad about taking lots of walk breaks.  When I first signed up for this race I kinda thought you were supposed to run the whole thing, but trying to do that on a trail run in the mountains is definitely not a good idea if you’re running a longer distance.

Running with wet muddy shoes for 30 km wasn’t as painful as you might expect, but I did lose that same toenail I lost in the Vancouver Marathon in May..  just when it had finally grown back!

 Plus, because it’s also an ultra trail run the snacks at the aid stations are a lot better than normal races.  All I wanted after my leg was the watermelon, but they also had candy, lots of cookies, bagels, little bags of chips, and even soup and meatballs after it got dark.  I don’t know how people run the whole thing themselves, but I definitely think I’m going to try the Canmore ultra trail run next October.  It’s only 50 km so just a little bit longer than a marathon.


Our team (pictured above) placed 37th out of 145 teams.  And I was 35th out of 267 for my leg.   I will definitely run this race again next year- possibly the hardest leg, which is 35 km with a bit more elevation.


imagine from the race website

The other race I ran this summer was the Edmonton Half Marathon.  After spending 9 days on the east coast getting drunk with friends and not eating very healthy, running a half marathon the morning after I got back was not the easiest thing.  I didn’t bring my water belt, but there were only water stations every 3km.  I ran it in 1:59:02…. a lot slower than my last half marathon, but I guess this just confirms that if you put sh*t in your body, it isn’t going to perform very well.  Finishing this race actually felt way harder than the 3:45 marathon I ran in May.  I just realized I wore the same tank top for both races this summer… it’s from The Gap.  It’s actually my favorite running tank (and only running tank top that isn’t from Lululemon).

stolen race pic

The Edmonton race was well organized, and smaller than other races I’ve been to (with the exception of other local races).  I didn’t attend the Expo because I was in Newfoundland up until the night before the race.  The route was an out and back, which I never really like in a race.  It was all flat, which was nice, but I guess because it was in a place where I run all the time I found the route pretty boring.  There was a pretty good brunch at the end (pancakes, scrambled eggs, pastries, fruit, and some sorta fried animal flesh for those who enjoy that kinda stuff).  It was nice to do the Edmonton race, but I don’t think I’d ever sign up to run in again.

While looking at my race photos online I found this picture of me from the Hypothermic Half Marathon I ran back in February. I didn’t even know there were photographers. It makes me excited for winter running.  Seriously.  It’s harder to run in snow/on ice, but you never feel super dehydrated.

So now I’m about to start Soldiers of Fitness bootcamp next week.  It’s 5:30-7am Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  My coworker signed up too, which should make it easier to get outta bed.  I tried a class with a friend a few months ago and it was super hard… which is how bootcamp SHOULD be.  I found a groupon for a bootcamp back in July but I ended up skipping most classes because I felt I could get a better workout on my own.

More exciting news… I have a job interview on Friday morning! with a Seed testing lab… basically they diagnose different fungal plant pathogens in seeds for different crops, vegetables, beans, canola, etc.   Wish me luck!


Do you prefer summer or winter running?
Have you ever done a trail race?



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