7 Jun

Todays workout:

P90X shoulders and arms
20 mins rower
45 minute spin class

It has been 11 days since my last run.  I’ve gone to spin classes, used ellipticals, tried aqua jog (whoever says water running is a good workout please tell me what I’m doing wrong), and have done P90X most days.  My hip/glutes/whatever it is just still hurts a bit.  The good news is, it doesn’t really hurt when I’m just walking.  I can only feel it now if I’m walking up stairs.  I have to say, that ellipticalling 20km because you can’t run is the most boring workout in history and if I can’t run soon I’m going to cry.  This saturday I will go to the back to back spin classes at my gym, which should be much more fun than 2 hours of anything else.

I bought a new black foam roller because they’re much harder.  I’ve been rolling on it a couple times a day, and last night I started rolling on a rubber ball that belongs to my dog Sam.  He gets angry and tries to steal it out from under me.  Anyway, my chiropractor says probably by Monday I can run again.  At that point I’ll have about 3 weeks to train for my 32km mountain race. Surely that’s enough time?

Leg 4 – Iron Ridge
Distance: 32km (19.9mi)
Elevation Gain: 1,004m (3,294′)
Elevation Loss: 822m (2,697′)
Difficulty: 5/7
Trail Type: Single track, double track, paved road
Est. Time: 3 to 5 hours
Must start by: 19:00 hrs (Saturday)
Cutoff: 01:00 hrs (Sunday)
This is the second longest leg of the race with solid amounts of elevation gain. This leg has it all; fast trail, rugged ground, good climbs, beautiful views, and lots of spectacular photo opportunities!

Note: We have modified this leg extensively so that it will no longer go through town. This means more trail and more elevation to boot. Do not underestimate this leg.

That’s an overview of my leg of the race.  The elevation profile doesn’t actually look THAT bad, but I’ve never ran in/on mountain trails so who knows.  I’m just hoping my teammates are fast so I don’t have to run when its dark out.

So that’s my update.  I promise my next post will have pictures.  I lost my camera batter charger for awhile.. but now I’ve found it!

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