Sunday Monday

21 May

It feels like a Sunday today, but its really MONDAY.  I just love long weekends!
Todays workout was 8 times up and down the stairs (I think there are about 200 stairs) in the park across from my condo with some pushups/crunches between each set.  + one hill repeat to break it up.  Here’s a picture I took from the City of Edmonton website- this shows half of them.  They’re usually filled with people running stair repeats.

I was planning to do a 20km run, but I’m just too tired and I thought I’d test my hip out on some stairs first.  So my plan is to wake up early tomorrow morning and fit in 20km before work….. more likely I will hit the snooze button 17 times and plan to do my run after work.
If only THIS would happen… then getting outta bed early for a run would be easy.

My dog Charlie is staying with me for hopefully a few days… I’m going to ask to keep him around until the weekend.  I’ve missed him so much. Charlie and Sam seem to be avoiding each other though, and they’re not doing their usual wrestling/face humping.   Right now Sam is hanging out in his bed in the storage room:
 And Charlie is sitting on some pillows on the floor watching me blog:
 I think I will curl up with the boys and watch episodes of 90210 for a couple of hours on netflix.  I have an exciting life.

Anyone have any tips for getting yourself out of bed EARLY in the morning to workout?
Do you think Ryan Gosling is the sexiest man alive?

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