rocky mountain high

21 May

My hip hurts.  This has prevented me from running since Monday, which makes me anxious.  I used the elliptical Wednesday-Friday while at the conference in Banff and did some JM today.  The conference was good..heard some pretty interesting (and a few not so interesting) science talks, and maybe have some good ideas to try back in the lab.  BUT I’m disappointed I didn’t get in any mountain runs.

Wednesday was really sunny so 2 lab mates and I decided to hike up sulpher mountain, which is probably the longest hike you can really do in Banff in May without serious equipment.  Sulpher mountain is where the gondola is and so we also liked that we could ride down for free.
ImageIt’s 5.5km to the summit, with about a 700m elevation gain or something like that.

ImageThis was my 3rd time doing this hike… the first time being 2 years ago at this same conference.  This year the conference was held a couple weeks earlier, and there was A LOT of snow on the trails which made it difficult for Kar and Di because they weren’t wearing trail running shoes like me!

ImageLast time I did this hike it took us about an hour.  This day it took almost 2.


ImageI just love my new Vancouver Marathon shirt!
After a short stay at the top (we were meeting people for dinner in 50 minutes at this point and still had to get off the mountain and change), we got the gondola down to the car.

Thursday was spent at talks, at the gym, and in the town of banff shopping. Banff has a really great vegetarian restaurant called Nourish (Edmonton has a Noorish which has really good vegan/raw food).  We went here for dinner on Wednesday and Thursday.  I forgot to take pictures of all of the delicious foods-  the nachos are my favorite.  You can get them with vegan cheese and they have like 25 toppings including strawberry, different beans, blueberries, pickles, pears, quinoa, peppers, etc.  Somehow all of these things combined doesn’t taste gross.
Friday was the big banquet, where I drank way too much red wine which caused me to spend Saturday afternoon sitting in a mall food court drinking booster juice and eating regular chips for an hour before I was able to walk without feeling like puking.  We did manage to get this nice partial lab photo (minus 3 girls, and + kim, who isn’t in our lab anymore).

I’m pretty sure we all have purple red wine lips.  yuck.

Saturday night Kim and I stayed in Calgary.  We had planned to go out and party, but instead we went shopping and then watched One for the Money in bed.  Worst movie ever btw.
Tonight I’m heading to a bar with my friend Robin.  I curled my hair (and burned my hand in the process) and I’m even wearing heels!

Hopefully I can fit in a 20km run tomorrow or Tuesday without too much hip pain.

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