Sometimes running is hard

14 May
Todays workout:
JM 6 week 6 pack
12km run
After taking 4 days off of running after the Vancouver Marathon, by Friday I was really wanting a run.  I wasn’t sure how my legs would respond so I only ran 4.5km on the treadmill and then headed to spin class.  It always surprises me how fast your legs can recover… considering I could barely make it down the stairs just a few days before.
Saturday I met up with my friend Natasha for an 18.5km run.  I meant to run 16, but somehow ended up further away from my house than I thought.   It was a pretty difficult run, and my legs really wanted to stop after about 15km. I’m also still pretty sick so coughing up gross stuff every few minutes didn’t help.  I started taking a break at every bench I saw to do push ups and tricep dips because I was so tired.
Edmonton trails have a lot of benches I’ve noticed.  20 oz of water was not enough now that it’s getting warmer, and the city still hasn’t turned on the water fountains.  I guess that’s because we usually get another few days of winter before it’s really spring/summer.


I did 8km on Sunday with my dog, Sam.  It was pretty hot and I had to let him drink half of my water.  Then I went for a walk and introduced my friend Bert to the greatness that is FroYo.  Can you believe he’s never gone for froyo???!  While we were there I discovered they have SOY FROYO!
This months Runners World has a good article on a vegan ultra marathoner. Here are some of the best parts:

“When I was 10, my dad bought me a.22 caliber rifle with a polished walnut handle and a barrel made from burnished steel. His instructions were simple: If I wounded an animal, I killed it. If I killed it, I skinned, gutted, and ate it.”  I feel that if you’re going to eat animals, you should have to do this. or at least observe it.  I know before I was a vegetarian I just tried not to think about it.

“But I was still an athlete, and I was still a meat eater, and to tell the truth, I couldn’t imagine being the former without the latter. It would take different people to help me see that not only could a plant-based diet sustain me, but it could actually make me a faster, more powerful athlete.”

“I learned that the standard Western diet—for a long time my diet—rich in animal products, refined carbohydrates, and processed food, has been linked to three of the most common causes of death in our country: heart disease, cancer, and stroke. I read that diabetes affects nearly nine percent of Americans, and that type 2 diabetes, once nearly unheard of in children, is on the rise, bringing with it a host of complications, such as kidney failure, blindness, and amputations.”
Excerpted from the book Eat & Run: My Unlikely Journey to Ultramarathon Greatness by Scott Jurek with Steve Friedman to be published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt in June 2012.

He goes on to say that as he cut out animals and animal products he lost body fat and got faster.  So to all of those people who think you can possibly get enough protein/vitamins/nutrients/whatever as a vegan, clearly YOU CAN.  I think for the month of June I will revert to being vegan to see how I feel.  It’ll be tough since I’m really loving yogurt these days, but almond yogurt is a pretty good substitute.  AND especially since Tutti Frutti has vegan froyo now.

I fit in a 12km run today since I’m leaving for a conference in Banff tomorrow.  I’m looking forward to getting in some hill training in the mountains, but it’s unlikely that I’ll have time for a long run until next week.    It’s supposed to be 20 degrees the first day of the conference but may get down to zero…. this means I am brining 5 different pairs of shoes for a 4 day conference.



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