True Van Living and Vancouver Marathon Recap

9 May

Arrived in Van on friday night and made our way downtown to our hotel.   We were stayin on Granville street and Davie- in what’s known as Yaletown.

We decided to look for food since we were a bit hungry and found a cute diner called The Templeton a couple blocks away which claimed to have the best $5 milkshakes… how could we  turn that down?
After filling up on milkshake we unfortuanatly could not eat much of our african chickpea and kale soup, and open faced grilled cheese sandwich.
The next morning was spent at the race expo, sampling random energy bars and looking at all the cool running gear.  I won a pair of socks from the running room booth! and bought some solo lemon burst bars. After filling up on energy bars we didn’t need breakfast so we walked to granville island with thoughts of eating lunch on a patio.  We did stop to buy these  ugly awesome Solomon shoes because after walking for hours in flats our feel were hurting real bad.
We forgot granville island on the weekend was a bad idea and ended up stopping at the first non crowded place we could get to.  I had a kind of gross salmon sandwich and a beer (carb loading!) and my sis had a slightly better chicken sandwich.
After many hours of walking around it was time to meet some friends for dinner at The Twisted Fork.  It had realllly good food.  Sister and I both had arctic char, with veggies and a glass of red wine.
The next morning we had to wake up at 5:30am since the half marathon started an hour before the full.  After seeing my sister off I took a hot bath to loosen up the muscles, ate my powerbar smoothie bar, and made my way to the race start just in time to see the last corral of the half marathon start.
Seeing all of the runners starting made me feel really excited to be there.
I was placed in corral 3- which was for people expecting about a 4 hour finish.  I started the race feeling really good… probably because most of it was downhill, and kept making myself slow down since I was running at a pace I knew I couldn’t keep up for long.
I knew I could probably finish in under 4 hours, but it’s always hard to know how you’re gunna feel towards the end.  I finished the first half in 1:48, and then I started feeling really tired.  My feet felt really hot and I wanted to take 100 walk breaks.  I tried running with the 3:40 pace bunny for a few kilometres, hoping the group would pull me along, and that doing 10 and 1’s would make it feel easier.  It didn’t.  I started talking short walk breaks (maybe 20-30 seconds) at every water station, which was approximately every mile or two.   Even though I REALLY wanted to stop and walk in between water stations, I told myself to just slow down to a comfortable pace and keep going.  After realizing I could still finish in 3:51 even if I dropped to 6 minutes/km I felt a bit better.  Then we approached the Stanely Park seawall (I stole this picture since I didn’t have a camera with me).

The last 10 km looped around this park and we were running right along the ocean.  It was sooo beauttiful and made me so happy to be running again!  I was able to keep about a 5:30/km pace for the last part of the race and didn’t feel much like dying until the last 1.5km when we were back on the street.

Finally the race was over and I looked at my garmin and realized i had finished in 3:45!!  (my garmin always ends early and so my offical time was 3:45:37).  I beat my last PR, which was 4:04 at the Twin Cities marathon in Oct by 19 minutes.  Now I’m just 10 minutes away from Boston.
Considering I spent the last 6 weeks drinking and eating too much, trying to get over a breakup, I’m pretty happy with my efforts and feel reassured that I’ll make it to boston one of these days.

My post race brunch was this delicious fruit/yogurt/granola bowl… with a surprise layer of honey at the bottom.
We then proceed to to The Alibi room, and had a mini STFX reunion with my friends Eilish and Phil.

The Alibi room has 50 beers on tap.  After having some wine, I chose to taste them this way:
 My pictures from the rest of the night are kinda blurry and dark. ooops.
We spent our last day in Van on Kits beach.  I really miss the ocean.  Being in Vancouver makes me wanna move somewhere with mountains AND ocean.  The race was also really great and I would really consider doing it again.



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    You have observed very interesting details ! ps decent site. “Wisdom is the supreme part of happiness.” by Sophocles.

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