New running gear!

30 Apr

Yesterdays workout:
16km at race pace… or what I think will be my race pace.

35 mins of JM no more trouble zones

So I really am finding it difficult to find time to blog these days.  I’ve been pretty busy with life. Some exciting things:

1. I took a cooking class last thursday and learned how to make lots of delicious (though pretty unhealthy) vegetarian meals.  Me and my sister cooked a 5 course meal last night for a couple of our friends.  I plan to alter the recipes and try to make them vegan and/or just healthier and maybe I’ll post a few eventually.

2. I have a job interview on Tuesday!  With the provincial government of Alberta!  It’s for a fish disease technologist position, which I think would be pretty awesome.

3. This week I ran 6km in 4:49/km.  This is the fastest I’ve actually ran 6km and timed myself… it was my 3rd hard run day in a row and I was wearing trail running shoes on pavement so I want to try to do it in 4:30 this week.  It’s taper week so that means short high intensity workouts.

4. I am leaving for Vancouver with my sister on Friday for the marathon!!!

clearly i'm a heel striker

5. I bought new running shoes, water belt, water vest, and quad compression sleeves this weekend.  Oh and peanut butter Gu!  It was a fun day at Fast Trax.  They had everything I ever needed/wanted.  The new shoes are supposed to help me become more of a mid-foot striker… clearly I’m a heel striker.

Don’t I look awesome in my pink shorts/orange quad sleeves/black calf sleeves?  I would be wearing my neon pink calf sleeves if they were clean.  They will be included in my post marathon outfit.


I got the Salomon XT advanced skin 5 water pack. It fits so nicely against my back, unlike my old one.

I’m also trying the Saucony Kinvera 2 running shoes.  They’re soooo light and I love the grey and yellow color combo.  They’re a good transition shoe if you’re thinking of trying to move away from a heel strike, but they still have enough cushioning that you’re legs don’t hurt after (like when I wear my Merrel Pace Gloves).  I wore them for a 6km run and again on my 16km run and I LOVE them.  I don’t often like running shoes besides my Nike Vomero’s (I have 5 pairs in 5 different colors).
I also got a Nathan water belt..  My old one had 4 8oz water bottles and a very small pocket.  This new one has 2 10oz bottles and a slightly bigger pocket that fits my ipod or my phone.  It also has a small waterproof pocket in the front that’ll fit a couple ibuprofens quite nicely.

NOW I’m going to get a manicure to prepare for my job interview tomorrow!!  How you look is obviously the most important part of the interview, right??
Anyone have any interview tips?  
What are your favorite running accessories?  

2 Responses to “New running gear!”

  1. Dee May 1, 2012 at 1:48 am #

    I love your compression tights combo! You should rock that look in the lab! Also, I would like to take credit for introducing you to Fast Trax. 🙂

    • running on tempeh May 3, 2012 at 4:38 am #

      I will wear this outfit for one week after the race when I get back to work. It will work well even if it’s cold because my legs are mostly covered!

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