double long sun runs

23 Apr

Friday- 18km

After a snowy long run last week,  I enjoyed a couple really sunny runs this weekend.  Friday I planned to run 26km after work but had shin splints and stomach pain soooo I cut it short.  The run was nice- started off really warm, had a couple minutes of hail in the middle, but then ended with more sun.  Friday we spent the evening drinking at random bars along Whyte avenue.
My friend Anne moved back to Ireland today so we wanted to spend a night going to random bars she’d never been in.   This mostly meant bars filled with people much younger than ourselves, but we had a good time anyway.  I did something I’ve always wanted to do- dance in the window of this bar called the funky buddha.  It has a window that overlooks the street and everyone can see you (I stole this picture from google street view).
I made the mistake that I’m assuming many runners (that also drink beer) have made before…. I didn’t eat much and didn’t drink any water before I started drinking beer.   I don’t recommend this.

Saturday night was also spent at a bar.  The Empress.  It’s a neat pub and we had a great last night with Anne.  And I felt surprisingly good this morning.  After a farewell brunch I went for a 22km run in the SUN.  It was probably like 20 degrees out there!  I even saw shirtless people.

You’re probably thinking spending my weekends drinking isn’t the best way to prepare for an upcoming marathon…. YOU’RE RIGHT!  So now I will spend the next 2 weeks trying to eat (and live) as healthy as I can.
Soon this RAN VAN medal will be MINE!!!!!

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