Weekend of running and skiing in the Rockies!

18 Apr

Saturday- 35km run
Sunday- Skiing!


After my regular breakfast of vitamins and oatmeal I set out for my last long run before the Vancouver Marathon.
Note- You shouldn’t take Iron with Calcium… so make sure to take it a few hours before you eat anything with calcium, or a few hours after.  Otherwise your body doesn’t absorb it!   I’ve always had low iron (even before I was a vegetarian) and I find this EasyIron works best.  It doesn’t make my stomach hurt and it also contains Folic Acid and B6/B12.  I also like to buy gummy Vitamin D… it tastes like candy!

Instead of the normal 32km run 3 weeks before I decided to run a bit extra.  10 extra kilometres on race day seems like a lot.


It was a typical mid-April day in Alberta…. snowy and about -5 with the windchill.  It wasn’t so bad when the wind wasn’t blowing snow into my eyes.  I ran 17km on my own and then met up with my friend Natasha for about 13km and ran the remaining few km back to my house.

Met these friends along the way…. I think they were discussing how much they hated the snow.


My legs were aching for the first 30 minutes after my run, but felt fine after that.   I ran a pretty good pace so I’m hoping I can run at least a 3:50 in Vancouver….

I also had my first skiing in the Rockies experience on Sunday.  After a night out and 2 hours of sleep, we got up at 4:30am to head to Banff.  Fortunately the boys we were going with didn’t go out so they were willing to do all the driving to the mountains.
ImageI swear beer makes me a better skier!  It was a pretty nice day at Sunshine so we ate our lunch outside.  I even got a sunburn… I guess nobody thought to put on sunscreen because it was so cloudy (or maybe because we were so hungover).


Skiing for 5 hours made my legs hurt more than my long run!

Exciting news- on wednesday I start volunteering at Ambers brewery!  I’m going to learn brewery microbiology.


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