blog slacker

11 Apr

SO I haven’t been blogging much lately.  I’ve been spending time at my condo only to sleep and shower.  It’s less lonely that way.  Don’t worry- I haven’t been slacking on my runs OR my insanity workouts.  I’m leaving on Friday morning for a 4 night stay in BC where I will have no internet/cell phone access so I figured I should update my blog before then.

As I type this I’m watching “Dean Karnazes Is UltraMarathon Man”  50 marathons 50 States 50 Days.

I was happy to hear he’s an introvert.  I’m pretty introverted myself (That’s probably why I love running but hated gym class and team sports).  This film is very inspiring, and nice to see so many people excited to get out and run with him.  One woman in the video has run 100 marathons, and some others hadn’t run one at all and were inspired by Dean to run.  And how awesome would it be to spend your life running races and writing about running?  Dean says he was sitting in a bar on his 30th birthday when he decided to start running.  He left the bar and ran 30 miles to celebrate being 30… pretty amazing after having drinks!  Maybe I should plan to run 30 miles for my 30th birthday.

I just love watching movies about running.  Another documentary I’ve been meaning to watch is The Perfect Runner, a CBC doc.

Today my fluffy dogs got groomed.  They look silly.

Note the plastic taped to my ceiling…. somebody is finally fixing the giant hole!

I ran 26 km on Monday  (at a 5:40/km pace!), 6x80o meter speed intervals on Tuesday, and 8 hills today.  My knees HURT!  My plan is to run 32 km on Friday morning before we leave for Comox, since I won’t be able to run until next Wednesday so I must start icing.  I know this probably isn’t a smart plan, but until this knee pain I’ve been feeling great.

Something else exciting I read- chocolate keeps you lean.  I know there are always studies saying dark chocolate is good for you and everything. But basically it says that people who eat chocolate regularly eat fewer calories overall and therefore weigh less.

“When he investigated some specific polyphenols found in cocoa, he found that they potently inhibit an enzyme, called pancreatic lipase, that’s responsible for digesting dietary fat. This means that the fat in chocolate may exit our bodies before it has a chance to be absorbed. Or, in other words, these compounds in cocoa may help us fend off fat.”

I’m sure this doesn’t mean you can go out and eat a bag of mini eggs every day (although wouldn’t that be nice?), but a normal serving a day is maybe okay?

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