INSANITY and mice

27 Mar

Day 1 and 2 of INSANITY

So, due to my goal to lose 10 lbs (and also now due to my increased desire to drink beer/wine) I decided to try the 60-day Insanity workout dvds (by Beachbody).  It starts with the fit test, which by itself was a pretty good little workout.
I’m also supposed to take a picture of myself before and after the 60-days… but I wont scare you all by putting up my before picture just yet!
Basically for the fit test you see how many of the exercises you can do in 1 minute.  Then you test yourself again throughout the 60 days.
Here are my results for Day 1:
Switch kick: 120
Power jacks: 49
Power knee lift: 74
Power jumps: 35
Globe jumps: 13.5 rotations
Suicide jumps (burpees):24
Pushup jack: 24
Plank oblique: 48

The second day of INSANITY is the plyometric cardio circuit.  The dvd’s come with a calendar that tells you which workout to do on which day.  Sunday’s are off, which is nice because that’s a long run day.  This day 2 workout basically consisted of about 3 minutes of intervals, followed by a water break and this was repeated 3x.  Then there was 6 minutes of stretching and another 20 minutes or so of more difficult intervals.  My BodyMedia Fit told me I burned 250 calories during the 40 minute workout.  It claims to be the hardest dvd workout ever.  I was sweating more than any other workout dvd, that’s for sure.  I’ll let you know if I agree with that statement after I try out all the dvds.

Is animal testing okay?
Today is also mouse infection day at work.  As a vegetarian/ sometimes vegan I always feel a little uncomfortable with what I do at work.  As a scientist you have to realize that animal testing is just something that needs to be done for certain research, but that doesn’t make me stop feeling like somewhat of a hypocrite.  Even if we do everything possible to make sure the animals don’t feel any discomfort.
This is the chamber we use to infect and treat mice.  We anesthetize them first, of course.  The bad part is they do get sick, and sometimes they get so sick we need to terminate them early.
The “end point” is the part where it really starts to make me uncomfortable.  I’m lucky to work with someone who probably also feels the same way and so we make jokes about it…. maybe that makes me sound like a horrible person, but it’s how we deal with it.
I’m also lucky that I don’t work with bigger animals, and animals that you have around for years and develop a sort of relationship with before you have to kill them.
Most of the vegetarian websites/blogs I’ve looked at basically disagree with animal testing (DUH).  I also feel weird about it because most of the time if I find a bug in my house I’m more likely to catch it and bring it outside, but I’m saying it’s fine to kill 1000’s of mice for research that may or may not come up with any significant results?  UGH.

I definitely wouldn’t knowingly buy cosmetics, household cleaners, etc that test on animals.  So for now the best I can do is encourage people to do the same and hope that my research someday provides somebody with a treatment that helps them live.
Peta has a list of cruelty-free companies and products found HERE.

I’m wondering if there are any other vegetarians/vegans out there that work with animals for research? 

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