vegan lunch and a thunder run

24 Mar

After a morning of injecting mice (who for some reason kept peeing all over my gloves) my vegetarian lab mates and I decided to head to a new vegan restaurant here in Edmonton called The Clever Rabbit.  It is the cutest place ever, and they have soo many delicious vegan desserts.

I had the soup (which came in a cute dish with a cover) and the smashed tofu bowl (or something like that).  The tofu was fried with a spicy thai peanut sauce.  It was probably the best thing I’ve ever eaten.

Even the bathroom was the cutest.  I may need to copy them and put pictures of my dogs in my bathroom.

After work I went with my friend to an Edmonton Thunder run club meet.   I found out about this group in last months Canadian Running magazine.   The coach told us to warm up for 20 minutes and then we’d chat.  Looking around it was obvious that we were out of place.  There were some beautiful runners… I know I will never run gracefully, but it was nice to watch.  Afterwards we found out that some of the runners were even hoping to qualify for the London Olympics.  The coach suggested we show up for the Tues/Thurs run club, which was better suited to what we were training for.  He also told me a 3:35 marathon time was SLOW when I told him that was my ultimate goal.  Sure, it isn’t olympic runner time, but I wouldn’t call it slow!  Anyway, hopefully this coach will help me improve my running form and speed, and maybe one day I can say a 3 hour and 35 minute marathon is SLOW.  He also told me in addition to  my long run, hills, and track workouts I should be doing a 1.5 hour run at marathon pace, and a 10km tempo run.  I think I will try adding in just a 10km tempo run in addition to my hills, speeds, and long runs.  And maybe throw in a 1.5 hour RP run a few weeks before the race.

I got this medal rack from allied medal displays.  Isn’t it awesome?  I’d been wanting some sort of medal hanger for awhile and I finally found this online.  It fits up to 30 medals, so I have room for lots more.

I started feeding my dogs a new dog food I got at Planet Organic.  Mostly because I was too lazy to go to the other grocery store.  I like Planet Organic because it’s the only place I can buy my favorite tempeh strips.  Along with soy rice pudding and almond yogurt (the only vegan yogurt that isn’t really disgusting).  If you live in the United States they have awesome coconut milk yogurt, but for some reason the same brand here in Canada tastes gross.  Anyway the dog food is heart shaped and you can actually see bits of carrot, peas, and cranberries!
Is it weird that I get a little bit happy when I see it?

Sam and his organic dog food

I think I am getting sick.  It hurts to swallow.  I had a Wacky Watermelon smoothie from Jugo Juice for dinner, with the added vitamin C and echinacea… I’m hoping that’ll help.  I’m doing my 32km run tomorrow morning so after that I can have some sick days.

Do you agree that watermelon is the best smoothie flavor?  How do I make my throat stop hurting?  Would you rather have a vegan doughnut or a vegan giant oreo cookie?   What is the difference between donut and doughnut?
The giant oreo cookie was delicious… I’ll have to try the doughnuts (donuts?) next time.

One Response to “vegan lunch and a thunder run”

  1. Megan March 27, 2012 at 4:09 pm #

    Dear Mandi, I enjoy the questions you ask at the bottom of your blog. I will answer them. 1. watermelon probably is the best smoothie flavor, however I would need to do a side by side comparison of all the smoothie flavors before I could commit to that. 2. To make your throat stop hurting you should drink some warm water and lemon, and then 6 pints (alcohol kills the bacteria). 3. I have never tried a vegan giant oreo cookie, but I feel like I would probably rather that than a doughnut. 4. I googled donut vs doughnut and it told me that donut is an abbreviation of doughnut.
    Love, Megan

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