Weekend Recap

21 Mar

So I had hoped I could figure out how to use the WordPress app for my iPad, but as you can probably tell from looking at this blog- I am sometimes a little electronically challenged.  AND I forgot my camera so I didn’t get to take many pictures to document my trip.

It went something like this:

Saturday– Watched nan open birthday gifts and had brunch.  Ran 6km around Glymill Inn pond.  In shorts!  Got ready for St. Paddy’s Day (Night).  Sherman Downey and his band were playing a Pogues tribute at this bar called Whelan’s Gate.  I’m assuming not many people have heard of him, but he’s awesome!  This summer me, little sis, her boyfriend and Mr. Ex were in his music video for the song BLUE at Gros Morne National Park (I’m somewhere in the lineup of people clapping and holding balloons as he rides by on his bike).

the band!

Our drink choice of the night was a modified “Frenchy’s special”…. basically we had 2 shots of vodka, 2 shots of sour puss, plus some 7-up.  Probably not the best thing to drink all night, but common.. it was St. Paddy’s Day and I was on vacation.

cousin Kathy, Me, and little sis

Needless to say after 8 hours at a bar (gotta love Newfoundland and the bars that stay open past 2 am) we weren’t feeling to great the next morning.. but a night out with my favorite people (my aunts and a few friends from high school also joined us) was just what I needed to stop feeling like a sad little loser.

Sunday- The next morning we met some of the family for breakfast at a place called Aroma’s (“some” of the family consisted of 33 people besides myself).  I tried to make the healthy choice by ordering toast and oatmeal.  The oatmeal was $4 and so I was expecting something a little more than this:
At least it was the reduced sugar kind, right?

I just can’t handle nights out like I used to.  I felt like crap all day, and was forced to walk around walmart for an hour so mom could pick up some things she needed (the town I’m from has 4000 people- fortunately not big enough for a walmart). After a nap and a 7 km run on the hotel treadmill we headed to  my cousins house for a BBQ (and red wine). Finally we had a good meal:  greek salad, grilled peppers and broccoli, and fresh trout.  I don’t normally eat fish unless I’m in Newfoundland, or occasionally dragged to a restaurant like The Keg.
My plan for the next week is to watch the documentary Forks Over Knives so I can get back on track and remember why I was trying to be a vegan a few years ago.

Monday– Skiing at Marble Mountain!  The slopes were kinda icy and we didn’t have much time, but it was nice to do some downhill skiing.

Me and little sis:

Fun day with the sis and momma.  Back to Edmonton Tuesday morning.

Anyone else have sore ankles/whatever muscle goes from your ankle up the outside of your leg from downhill skiing?   Is St. Paddy’s day your favorite day of the year?  It’s always been one of mine!

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