Heave Away!

16 Mar

Well… I survived my first 29 km run since October!  I can’t say it feels good to walk, but I’ve missed the long run leg pain in some weird way.  Training for a half marathon just doesn’t tire my legs out like this.  Mr. Ex wimped out at 16 km.  I guess that’s what happens when you try running long distances after not running at all for like a month.  I was so into my run that I didn’t even realize I had been listening to the same song (The Pretender- Foo Fighters) for 7km.  My ipod keeps doing this thing where instead of shuffling my playlist it just repeats the same song until I change it.  I ran it much slower than I wanted:

It was a pretty nice evening for a run… I can finally wear normal running tights and a long sleeved shirt instead of my thermal ones.  Spring is coming!  This is one of my favorite trails because you’re running in trees, seemingly away from the city, and then it just appears in front of you.

Traveling is always a hard time to stay on track with healthy foods.  For this trip I packed  health snacks like trail mix, luna bars, apples, and some ginger candies (10 hours of flying and airports usually makes me nauseous).  Also, Air Canada NEVER has the vegetarian sandwich on board so it’s important to bring snacks.

We arrived in Deer Lake Friday at 1 pm… 10 or 11 hours later.  I was hoping to sleep, but snoring men and crying babies kept me awake the whole time.  On the bright side, my neon pink ZENSAH compression socks kept my legs feeling fine!  I’ve also been taking Glutamine after long runs so maybe that helps too.
I even opted to do a short 4km run on the hotel treadmill and did a short weight workout before getting ready for my nan’s big party.  It’s amazing how quickly your legs can recover after a long run.

This party was the first time I got to see my little brother in over a year.

Nan and little bro

Aren’t they cute?  There were over 80 people at the party.  I can only hope that I have 80 people in my life who’d want to come celebrate my birthday when I’m 80 years old.

Most newfoundlanders (aside from some in the big city of St. John’s) don’t really believe in NOT eating meat so a lot of my dinner that night consisted of cheese and crackers.  Fortunately my aunt did make an awesome quinoa and black bean chilli for the 4 vegetarians in the family.   And my cousin made these cute cupcakes.  Those flowers are made from Oreo’s…. for those of you don’t know – Oreo’s ARE vegan!

Got to see more family in one night than I have in the past 5 years.  Makes me miss the east coast!
I managed to stay out until midnight, which I thought was a pretty good on 0 hours of sleep.  Needed to rest up for St. Paddy’s Day!

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