Disney Princess Half Marathon

14 Mar

When I signed up for the Disney Princess Half Marathon I was so excited.  I expected it to be the most magical race EVER!
The expo was pretty much like any other race expo I’ve been to.  They did have a lot of free Luna Bar samples- which was awesome (chocolate peppermint stick is my fav).  I was excited to find my new favorite earphones, yurbuds (they stayed comfortably in place during the whole race) which I’d been meaning to try to find here in the city for awhile.  I was a little disappointed in our “goodie bag”  which contained only our race t-shirt….. I expected maybe just a little bit more from Disney.
On race day, we woke up at around 3:15 am to catch the bus at 3:45 am from our hotel (Walt Disney World Resort- Port Orleans Riverside), which was about 1km away from the race start.  By the time I made it to my race corral (at this race I was fast enough to be placed in the 1st corral) it was 5:45am and the race was just about to start.  Each corral started with fireworks spaced about 5 minutes apart.  Any Princes running the race weren’t allowed to start until corral C.  We made our way from Epcot to the Magic Kingdom.  Lining the route every half a km or so until we reached the magic kingdom were different Disney characters so you could stop and take your picture with them if you wanted.  The route took us through the different parts of the Magic Kingdom, and through the Cinderella castle.  I’m not gunna lie- I felt a little emotional running through the castle, surrounded by cheering spectators.  The last few kms of the race was pretty boring since we were just running back to Epcot on the highway.
I was able to keep my pace pretty steady throughout and ended up with a PR of 1:45:46!   The weather was probably around 10oC, and when I was done I waited around for the other 6 girls I was with to finish.  You would think that, like most races, you would receive a space blanket at the end- especially because it was pretty cold and eventually started to rain.  But NO.  Unless you paid for a massage at the end of the race, you could not have a blanket.  Even though there were extras.  Huh?


Yeah that’s me and Snow White!


Me with my little sis (middle) and friend, Claire.

Other exciting things about our Disney vacation included heading to the Universal Studios Islands of Adventure… mainly HARRY POTTER WORLD!


Gryffidor cloaks and princess rings


Hogwarts! They have the best ride inside.

My other favorite was Seuss Landing, where we met THE GRINCH!


Me, Grinch, sister

We also went to the Magic Kingdom, and Downtown Disney- where I purchased a giant bag of candies that cost about $12 and proceeded to eat half of them within 1 hour.  Obviously healthy eating can be difficult in Disney World. As a vegetarian I did find it challenging to find good food in Disney World and at Universal.  At CityWalk (a downtown area for Universal Studios) we went to the Hard Rock Cafe.  It’s disappointing to order a $20 salad when it arrives on iceberg lettuce and tastes half as good as the salads I make at home.  I decided to start this blog after this trip so unfortunately I have no pictures.
I also noticed most foods at the Magic Kingdom were fried, unhealthy foods.  I had to settle on a cheese pizza and another iceberg lettuce salad.

Another thing I should note about Disney-  as someone who is an avid recycler and live in a pretty green city, Disney World really made me see how bad some places can be.  I was forced to through paper/cardboard in the garbage, and was served everything on a paper plate even if it wasn’t something that needed to be on a plate (like a cupcake).  And at the theme parks they are not allowed to take your reusable cup and fill it- you can’t even be environmentally friendly there if you made an effort to bring your own cups/plates/etc.  (I was told they were not allowed to put a drink into my reusable mug).  Now, when you think about how many billions of people walk through those theme parks, and how much they consume, it really makes you cringe.  Their website http://corporate.disney.go.com/citizenship/environment.html  does say they are implementing changes to reduce waste… so hopefully in a few years these changes will become evident in their theme parks and resorts.

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